A Celebration of Art and Community

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017
9am - 4pm

This organization serves everyone!

Booth Registration

Food Registration




Thanks for your interest in being a food vendor. Please email us at programchair [a t ]cumberlandarts [daht] org OR sign up here.


Be part of this fun day. Volunteers are needed to help in many ways including parking attendants, festival greeters, artist aides, and set-up and tear-down crew members. Volunteers are also needed to help before the event in areas such as promotion and planning.

Volunteering for Cumberland Arts Goes to Market allows you an opportunity to get involved with a great event and to develop community connections.

Groups and individuals can participate in the festival. We've had groups from Old National Bank and High School Honor Societies. If your group needs to complete service hours, we welcome your help and will provide documentation on your participation. If a group from your business assists with the festival, you will receive credit in the event program and website.

Register to be a volunteer using one of these three methods:

1) by clicking here or

2) by sending an email to volunteers [ a t ] cumberlandarts [daht] org or

3) by calling 317-894-2645 and leaving a message in the Cumberland Arts voice mail box.