Cumberland Arts encourages the support of local artists by shopping at festivals and through local art organizations. Buy local, buy unique, help the environment by supporting artists who recycle, reuse and repurpose items to create their work, invest in the community, get that personal touch and special service that only a local artist can provide, and keep the unique flavor of your community alive through art!

“Art as Defiance in a Time of Pandemic” submissions.  If you are interested in these works of art or other works by these artists contact them by email or contact  

“Keeping Hope Alive”

By Dennis Boothby –

$150 – SOLD

“World Protected”

By Delaram Moghaddam



Fenced Off T. Barber $85

“Fenced Off”

By Teresa Barber


Heading South S Hall $150 Acrylic

“Heading South”

By Sandy Hall




By Devyn Shively

Encaustic, Mixed Media


Carhop Delivery Historic Steer Inn R. Hunt $900

Carhop Delivery

Historic Steer Inn”

By Robert Hunt


Turtle Beth Ann Shriner $40 LL


By Beth Ann Shriner


Hearts Protected D Moghaddam Acrylic $150 LL

“Hearts Protected”

Delaram Moghaddam



Hair's Red Salon Closed S Hall $100 Acrylic LL

“Hair’s Red Salon Closed”

By Sandy Hall


$100 – SOLD

Cells D Shively, Encaustic, Mixed Media $380 LL


By Devyn Shively

Encaustic, Mixed Media $380

Hoosiers will See It Through James Dant - Purveyors of Men's Goods R. Hunt $1900 LL

“Hoosiers will See It Through

James Dant – Purveyors of

Men’s Goods”

By Robert Hunt