Cool projects Cumberland Arts was part of or hosted!

Cumberland Arts, Inc. hosts unique events that provide a meaningful art experience. It supports art competitions and enjoyed hosting a local Arts Festival in Cumberland, Indiana for 11 years.

The Journey Tree – A Unique Tribute to a Unique Man.

Located at Sacred Earth of Cumberland, Cumberland FBC

The Journey Tree is a 12 foot walnut tree trunk, hand-carved with 24 images and symbols inspired by the life of Kevin D. Rose, a Cumberland First Baptist Church pastor who died in 2018. It is a rich feast of imagery, recalling the values, virtues and vision of Kevin’s life. The marker has a QR code that visitors can click on to learn more about the creation of The Journey Tree and the person it honors. Philip Campbell, an expert artist in the medium of wood carving and fabric installations spent months designing, hand carving and painting the one of a kind work of art. www.pcampbell.art

Category – sculpture. Collection – Cumberland First Baptist Church. Medium – Acrylic on hand-carved and burned walnut tree. Date – 2020

2020 – Art as Defiance in a Time of Pandemic” ~ A Cumberland Arts Competition

Art in this showcase was a reflection and defiant expression of our shared experiences in society as we lived and thrived within the experience of COVID-19.  Cumberland Arts, Inc. plans on hosting more art competitions similar to the “Art as Defiance in a Time of Pandemic” ~ A Cumberland Arts Competition that was held in September 2020. 

Delaram Moghaddam, one of the artists that submitted entries to the 2020 “Art as Defiance in a Time of Pandemic” ~ A Cumberland Arts Competition speaks about her work in this video

Cumberland Arts, Inc. sponsors art competitions, pop up gallery showcases and art projects that enrich the community.

2018 Cumberland Arts Festival

2018 Cumberland Arts Festival (Photos © by Richard Sitler)

The organization is known for an eleven year run of hosting Cumberland Arts Festival (aka Cumberland Arts Goes to Market) an arts, crafts and music festival Cumberland, Indiana.

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Cumberland Arts, Inc. is a 501c3 organization that operates under the auspices of Cumberland First Baptist Church.